Wednesday, March 23, 2011

City Plan 2030 Builds Upon the Award-Winning City Plan 2025

City Plan 2030 will go to the City Planning Commission on March 28 for its first public hearing. City Plan 2030 is the five-year update to City Plan 2025 the City’s Comprehensive Plan. In 2006 Dover, Kohl & Partners lead the public process and visioning workshops that lead to City Plan 2025. In 2006 City Plan 2025 won an award from the Arkansas Chapter of the American Planning Association and a Charter Award from the Congress for the New Urbanism. With City Plan 2030 the City has lead the process and visioning, yet according to Karen Minkel, Director of Internal Consulting for the City, “the guiding principles and most of the original objectives from City Plan 2025 remain the same for City Plan 2030. This means the overall concepts have now been supported by two administrations and two City Councils.”

Updates to City Plan 2025 are expected to include amendments to the Green Network and Master Street plans, tiered impact fees, form-based coding in more of the City, and a proposal for statewide Transfer of Development Rights enabling legislation. The City is also committing to creating a neighborhood or corridor plan using a charrette every other year.

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