Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Welcome to the Dover, Kohl & Partners Blog

The Dover-Kohl team would like to welcome you to our blog!  Throughout our firm's history we have noticed a thing or two about the places we've worked, traveled, and seen.  There are many things to be emulated, and many that should not be repeated.  The common thread between cities and towns across the world is that design matters.  Small decisions made in the detailing of a building, street, public space, sidewalk or the like, have a profound impact on the way in which that part of the public realm will be experienced.

In this blog Dover-Kohl team members will share their thoughts and observations about the public realm.  We might have noticed something on our last journey, read a good book or article, or heard something in the news.  We hope you enjoy our take and we would be glad to hear suggestions on what you might like us to write about.

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