Wednesday, April 6, 2011


The City of Miami Beach has been very active in bike initiatives and DecoBike is the most recent step in building a bike-friendly, bike-safe community. DecoBikes are now available throughout Miami Beach for both residents and tourists alike. As a non-bike owning resident of Miami Beach I find this very exciting. Deco Bikes create an added value to living at and visiting the beach. DecoBike stations are scattered throughout Miami Beach and from day one they have proven to be very popular.

While wandering around the beach on a Sunday a friend and I decided to try them out. Unfortunately, we were by Lummus Park at the time and were unable to get bikes because they all had been taken by happy tourists. So we wandered west, out of the main tourist area and found bikes in the neighborhood by Flamingo Park at 13th Street. We took our new found bikes for a test run around the beach. We bought sandwiches and biked down to the Bass Museum to have a picnic in the park. We then continued down to 41st Street for some truffles at my favorite chocolate store – followed by a trip along the Venetian Causeway bike path before heading home.

DecoBike made for an enjoyable afternoon we otherwise would not have been able to have. Along the way we explored neighborhoods that previously were either too far to walk to or that we would just drive by. DecoBikes give people a way to see their City from a different perspective and allows tourists to see another side of the beach that otherwise would not be open to them. And with more bikes wandering the Miami Beach streets, drivers will become more aware of them, making the beach a safer place for cyclists.

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  1. Sounds like a great program. Great to see your blog up and running! Cheers from the Colorado mountains.

  2. Victor and I had a chance to see the Decobike program in full swing on Lincoln Road, where we went for brunch last Sunday. Decobikes and all sorts of other bikes were all around. I especially liked the "Kiss your car goodbye" message on the Decobike baskets. The bike stations were centrally located, and the stations included a very clear map of other stations for bike drop off/pick up. Folks using them (I think) were tourists, and they looked quite happy to be pedaling around enjoying the scene and beautiful morning. I hope this initiative spreads. I love the idea that you as a resident can opt to borrow a bike in lieu of owning one. FYI we working towards making South Miami a Bike Friendly City. (I plan on biking to work regularly and hope others "kiss their cars goodbye" on occasion too.) Thanks for the report from the beach Pam!

    Marice Chael

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