Friday, April 29, 2011

Lee County Fights to Keep their Plan

The Lee County Board of County Commissioners has petitioned their legislative representatives and directed their legislative lobbyist to work to stop bills in the Florida Legislature from being passed which would preempt local ability to plan the siting of mining (HB 991 and SB 1404). Dover-Kohl and Spikowski Planning Associates led a multi-disciplinary team to create the Prospects for Southeast Lee County plan, which included a sustainable approach to mining which would also satisfy regional needs for rock. The plan for the 83,000-acre water conservation area, which produces 80 percent of the county's drinking water, became effective last year. “(The County) didn’t just say no to mining,” Commissioner Ray Judah said in the Naples News, “We just said where it specifically can and shouldn’t occur.” The Southwest Florida News-Press in an editorial commended the plan for considering the “cumulative effect” of mining and deplored a return to piecemeal permitting. Prospects for Southeast Lee County received awards from 1000 Friends of Florida, APA, and a Charter Award from CNU.

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