Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Victor Dover Presents New Models for Mixed Use Webinar

During boom times, mixed-use development made a spectacular comeback, albeit much of it in the form of the megaprojects that are suddenly rare today. So now what? After decades of pushing by new urbanists and smart growth advocates, there’s finally consensus that mixed use is a crucial part of the way forward; it’s enshrined in many cities’ comprehensive plans, developers’ business plans, and community visions. The details of mixed use are undergoing refinement, however. We’re in a period of innovation and experimentation, in leaner times, and creative players are rolling out ways to redefine “mixed use.” The components and approaches are getting speedier, lighter, and less expensive—and more interesting. During this webinar on Thursday Febuary 16 at 2pm, Victor Dover covers a spectrum of examples, including pop-up retail, new suburban retrofits, retooled public markets, micro-storefronts and historical patterns. The presentation will be followed by time for questions and discussion, and will include suggestions for further research.

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