Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Plan El Paso Adopted Unanimously by City Council

The city's Planning and Economic Development Department, along with a multi-disciplinary team of local and national experts led by Dover Kohl & Partners, and thousands of citizen planners, have worked for roughly two years to wholly rewrite the Comprehensive Plan for the City of El Paso, Texas. The new plan, Plan El Paso, gathered the ideas and aspirations of thousands of El Pasoans. Plan El Paso provides the basis for El Paso’s regulations and policies that guide its physical and economic development. It establishes priorities for public action and direction for complementary private decisions. Plan El Paso contains illustrative plans, diagrams, maps, and pictures to make its policies clear and accessible to City officials, residents, developers, community groups, and other stakeholders. This plan can serve as a tool to evaluate new development proposals and direct capital improvements and to guide public policy in a manner that ensures that El Paso continues to be the community that its citizens desire it to be.

Plan El Paso recognizes quality of life, as well as transportation and education, as foundational goals which will help the City to compete in every sphere. These foundational goals require a sustained commitment. Plan El Paso coordinates policies at all scales using the same guiding principles so that the plan can operate cohesively and guide the efforts of the City’s many stakeholders and decision makers at every level. Plan El Paso deputized the entire City as citizen planners through a series of hands-on public design charrettes which included over eight weeks of intense community exercises and policy discussions to generate the plan vision. Accordingly, the Introduction to the plan states, “The Plan for El Paso was created in El Paso and the best ideas came from El Pasoans. As a reward for undertaking this effort and persevering in its implementation, El Pasoans will one day remember themselves as the authors of the plan as well as the beneficiaries of the plan’s accomplishments.”

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