Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Figurative Art: A Classic Component of Architectural Education

James Dougherty, Dover-Kohl’s Director of Design, attended The Classic Figure in Oil – a Modern Approach. This four-day course, taught by world-renowned artist Robert Liberace, was held at The Southern Atelier in Sarasota, FL. James completed seven exercises focused on analyzing the form and structure of the human figure to produce compositions using the alla prima method of direct painting. The alla prima method was popularized by the Impressionists, but is equally useful for producing the careful modeling seen in Classical painting. The study of figurative art has long been an important component of architectural study, for its emphasis on the principles and process of composing with illuminated forms.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

DKP Returns to El Paso for Thoroughfare Plan Update

Dover, Kohl & Partners leads a multi-disciplinary team in the update of the Thoroughfare Plan for El Paso, Texas. The Thoroughfare Plan includes revised roadway classifications, alignments for proposed roadways, and appropriate cross-section designs. City staff, the El Paso Metropolitan Planning Organization and Texas Department of Transportation are major stakeholders in the project. The goals of the Thoroughfare Plan follow from Plan El Paso, the Comprehensive Plan for the City which was approved earlier in the year. Transportation decisions will follow land use planning and support the City’s multi-modal investments in accordance with the vision articulated by El Paso residents during the two-year, award-winning Comprehensive Plan project.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Doug Boone (1945-2012), community builder

Doug Boone was the developer of the St Alban’s neighborhood in Davidson, NC (known at the time simply as “the new neighborhood in Old Davidson”). The neighborhood’s walkable streets and public spaces-- though once hotly debated by the townspeople-- have come to be cherished locally and have helped to initiate a trend toward more livable neighborhoods in Davidson.