Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Dover-Kohl at CNU 21

Dover, Kohl & Partners is in Salt Lake City for the 21st Congress of the New Urbanism.

Victor Dover presents Street Design: The Art of Complete and Connected Streets (3:45pm, 5-28) where he'll be talking about his upcoming book on Street Design co-written with John Massengale.

Jason King and James Dougherty present in the Art Room at The Civic Art of Plan Design (10:45AM, 5-31) & SketchUp as a Foundation for Quick Hand Drawing (3:45PM, 6-1). Jason moderates the Architectural Design Techniques for Charrettes (2PM, 6-1) and James presents at Travel Sketching 1 (2PM, 5-31), and Travel Sketching 2 (3:45PM, 5-31).

Jason King will be co-presenting SmartCode innovations and practice at the Peery Hotel during the day-long SmartCode Live (9AM to 10PM, 5-28) and joins the Transect Codes Council in presenting the Groves Award at the Opening Plenary (6PM, 5-29). Jason also presents his new novel New Town Saint Jerome during the 20X20 Quick Ideas presentation (5PM, 5-31) and Fast, Cheap, Fun New Urban Design Education (3:45PM, 5-30) as part of the Peery Project.

James Doughterty will be presenting at 202I: Art Room Double Workshop (2PM, 5-29) and Getting T4: A New Model at the Open Session (3:45PM, 6-1).

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