Monday, November 11, 2013

DKP's Regional Plan to Adapt & Mitigate to Sea Rise Highlighted

Seven50, the Plan for Southeast Florida for the next 50 years, was cited in a New York Times article entitled, "South Florida Faces Ominous Prospects From Rising Waters." The article describes the very serious challenges Southeast Florida faces in the era of sea level rise. The article quotes Jason King, Project Director at Dover, Kohl & Partners, concerning adaptation measures proposed by Seven50. Seven50 describes retreat from certain areas, reinforcement in others, especially low-lying, high-investment areas like Miami Beach, retrofit of vulnerable infrastructure and homes, and region-wide mitigation to reduce climate-changing pollutants. 

Dover, Kohl & Partners leads the creation of the Seven50 Plan and collaborates with the South Florida Regional Climate Compact, the South Florida Regional Partnership and its 200 public and private entities, the region's regional planning councils and universities, and all seven counties of Southeast Florida, to encourage an inclusive dialogue that addresses the threat faced by every community in the region while designing at all scales.

Seven50 was also highlighted by the Miami Herald on the same subject.

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