Friday, December 6, 2013

Leading Experts Contributed to STREET DESIGN

To write our book STREET DESIGN: The Secret to Great Cities and Towns, John Massengale and I traveled a lot, measured and photographed streets we admired, and waged endless late-night debates about why they were successful. Meanwhile, Megan McLaughlin, Emily Glavey, and Kenneth Garcia were indefatigable researchers, combing the literature to probe the stories behind the streets in the book’s case studies. But we also received a boost from a phenomenal group of colleagues who suggested example streets, contributed photos, or pointed us in the right directions. Twenty-two of them went on to write short essays that add greatly to the diversity and depth of content in the book, and we are extremely grateful. 

The contributors include:

HRH THE PRINCE OF WALES, Foreword on Observation, Simplicity and the Art of Street Design (page ix)

EMILY GLAVEY on The Environmental Benefits of Complete Streets (page 42)

STEFANOS POLYZOIDES on The Rambla Type and Barcelona (page 78) and Canyon Road, Santa Fe (page 146)

ANDRÉS DUANY on Paseo del Prado, Havana (page 84)

DOUGLAS DUANY on Orvieto (page 106)

GIANNI LONGO  on Ginza Dori, Tokyo (page 115)

ETHAN KENT on Tweede Tuindwarsstraat, Amsterdam (page 130)

DAVID BRUSSAT on Benefit Street, Providence (page 142)

JAVIER CENICACEYALA on Rue de Rivoli and Rue de Castiglione, Paris (page 183)

GABRIELE TAGLIAVENTI on The Arcades of Bologna (page 187)

HANK DITTMAR on Seven Dials, London (page 189)

CHIP KAUFMAN on Big Boulevards and Tiny Laneways in Melbourne (page 196)

JOHN NORQUIST on Freeway Teardowns (page 206)

KAID BENFIELD on Lancaster Boulevard, Lancaster CA (page 222)

PAUL MURRAIN on Central Brandevoort, The Netherlands (page 310)

LÉON KRIER on Longmoor Street, Poundbury (page 317)

TOM LOW on Market Street, Habersham and Light Imprint Urbanism (page 325)

LAURA LYON on Galt House Drive, The New Town at St. Charles (page 340)

CHUCK MAROHN on The Difference Between a Street and a Stroad (page 348)

MARIEANNE KHOURY-VOGT and ERIK VOGT on Sea Garden Walk, Alys Beach (page 357)

JAMES HOWARD KUNSTLER, Afterword on Streets and the Next Phase of History (page 391)

Via Santo Stefano, Bologna

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